The Producer

Jim "I take a serious picture thank you" Shields

Jim “I take a serious picture thank you” Shields

Jim categorically makes no claim to being a founder of Host Unknown. He has had a passion for filmmaking ever since he discovered that he could combine the images he was drawing (pastels mainly) with sounds he’d captured in jars.  More recently he turned to making simple comedies for the “interweb” helping companies achieve notoriety despite their crushingly dull products and services. He owns and runs Twist & Shout Communications, based in Leicester and, of all places, Dallas, TX. His stand up career seems to have peaked at “reassuringly mediocre”, prompting the Loughborough Echo to write “Jim’s avuncular style and material made us all feel like a hot mug of Ovaltine for some reason”. Nice.

Jim also likes to sing Karaoke when away from home or course, and continues his search for Arne Saknussemm’s map to the centre of the earth, to prove his point that chocolate and gravity are, in effect, the same thing.

You can contact Jim at jim(at)

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