New Host Unknown Video will have risk managers scrambling to justify their jobs

Press Release

2 February 2016

Host Unknown, the undisputed global leader in information-security based videos made by three random men based out of London has struck again.

Already an established acting team, the group rose up the musical charts with their hit single in 2014, “I’m a C I Double S P“.

The trio’s latest video, ‘Accepted the Risk‘ is already being touted as the greatest infosec music video of the year.

Sole founder Andrew Agnês explained the long gap between songs, “When you smash it out of the park like I did with C I Double S P, you can’t simply rock up and duplicate that. It takes time, and energy. Luckily I’ve got people who back me up. My crew is solid and we can make this happen.”

Backing up Agnês, sole founder Javvad Malik added, “Y’know we wanted to take this old school. Y’know what I’m sayin’? It’s like man – we got APT’s and nation states all up in our faces. But we grew up managing simple risks. That’s the world we know. We can’t just turn our backs on it. So, this is for all them people out there managing risks day in and day out.”

At time of writing, sole founder Thom Langford was unavailable for comment owing to a scheduled nap.

Watch the full music video: Accepted The Risk

About Host Unknown

Host Unknown is an information security educational / entertainment group from London, England. It was the pioneer and most significant popularisers of Infosec-Rap and is widely considered one of the seminal groups (based in London) in the history of information security.  The group has endured controversy owing to their lyrics which many security managers viewed as being disrespectful of their trade, as well as its glorification of certifications and risk management.  The group was subsequently banned from many IRC and sub-Reddit channels. In spite of this, the group has amassed 40,000 YouTube views.


Launching Host Unknown… with a fizzle (Monday 7th October 2013)

The launch didn’t quite go as planned. We think we know why:

HU Launch Communication

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